Our Services

3 Foot Tall offer a range of services aimed at meeting your business needs to remove the hassles you don't need.

Software Development

Software is a vital resource to our everyday technology impacting almost every aspect of our lives; providing not just an aesthetically pleasing interface but making decisions, responding and controlling devices from TV remote controls to aeroplanes.

3 Foot Tall have delivered business critical solutions on platforms ranging from micro-controllers to data-processing servers. Regardless of the target environment, we have expertise to deliver high quality, cutting edge solutions

Embedded Systems

Single Board Computer

From industrial controls to hand held communications, we have worked with vast range of micro-controllers, single board and small form factor computers interfacing with numerous sensors and peripherals to deliver peace of mind that it "just works".

We have designed and delivered systems tasked with monitoring industrial processes, enabling remote underground communications, and personal safety & alerting systems.

Every time a client presents a new problem they want help solving, a process they want automating or streamlining, our engineers strive to design and develop a solution maximising efficiency and performance.

We love a challenge be it big or small, at proof of concept, prototyping or production stage, let's discuss your requirements.

Website Design & Web Applications

A websites' aesthetics are important, but that shouldn't come at the cost of under-performing or failing to work for you. A website is just the user interface to a business tool which, if it isn't increasing productivity, is costing you in time and resources.

Our clients demand the highest quality web applications, utilising the latest technologies to provide time and cost savings both now and in the future. It needs to grow with their business and be agile to cater for new opportunities without restricting their options. They know, this is a business enabler; it should work for them, they shouldn't work for it.

Cloud Hosting & Services

Your users, customers and potential customers, should find an attractive website that enables them to complete their task quickly without needing to know about the 'quirks of the system'. Contact us to find out how your web applications can better serve your business.

Cloud Hosting

Whether you need website hosting, application hosting or off-site file storage & backup, we can tailor a custom package for you. But don't worry, a custom package doesn't mean a high price tag. Our pricing strategy is competitive and frequently compared to others to make sure you are getting the best possible price.

Whatever your needs are, and no matter how long you need it for, why not ask us for a no obligation quote?


We work with a wide range of technologies to deliver the best system for you, whether it is an embedded system or a web application.

We normally develop our embedded systems using C and C++ to maximise efficiency and reuse. This allows for easy and quick maintenance and upgrades. Over the years we have built up a large library of functions that have been thoroughly tested allowing our engineers to quickly reuse features meaning the cost savings are past back to you. Should you wish to purchase the IP rights for any code making up your solution, we will happily discuss those requirements with you; allowing you to take your solution forward with no restrictions in future.

Most of our web applications are written using the Microsoft .NET Framework, our engineers have been working with it since it's first release in 2002 and have delivered many applications using it so we are confident of delivering you a high quality feature rich application.

Just a few of the technologies we frequently work with are listed below.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • HTML-5
  • C / C++
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • PHP
  • Java