About Us

3 Foot Tall was established in 2004 initially offering a website design service, we quickly grew to offer a complete managed web & hosting package specialising in e-commerce sites.

Over time we found ourselves developing more specialist web-based applications for the cloud and desktop software to harness all the power available in cloud computing. This allowed us to expand into full software development services. Many of our new customers were coming to us to uplift their information-only websites into a complete customer service based portal interfacing with their back-office systems allowing them to give seamless sales-to-support services to their customers.

As our projects varied through desktop software to web-based applications and into industrial controls, we expanded our talent pool with embedded-systems experts allowing us to confidently tackle any problem we may be faced with. Since the release of the Raspberry Pi and the success it carried, our clients have seen just how beneficial an embedded system and micro-applications can be to thie business. This has brought us numerous interesting and novel problems across a wide-range of businesses sectors allowing us to expand and specialise in the embedded systems development marketplace.

We are always looking to grow and move forward to the next challenge supporting and working closely with out customers all the way.